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Photos compliments of Hugh Rhodes from his 1967-68 Tour as 390th TC Detachment Commander. (quotes are from the backs of photos)

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Vietnamese Worker Vietnamese worker Vietnamese Worker He did odd jobs for us.
Vietnamese Worker "Miss Dao, worker from PA&E" Vietnamese Worker PA&E was a civilian construction firm that built things, like buildings, for the Army.
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HRhodes Precisely packing greased in the Short Shaft (coupling between Huey engine and transmission. HRhodes  
HRhodes note classic Viet Nam wallpaper. HRhodes  
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HRhodes   HRhodes  
HRhodes   Test Flight Test flying
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Test Flight Test flying Test Flight Test flying
WO Runnels "Lard ass, WO Runnels"    
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After years of struggling with little generators and almost no electrical power, the Army decided to send us a couple of 100KW Generators. 100KW Generator Actually we had to go and get the generators, we seldom had things delivered.
100KW Generator   100KW Generator Our ace rough terrain forklift driver
100KW Generator Watch those overhead "used car lot" lights. 100KW Generator  
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