The Red Ball Express Viet Nam Map
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One day in Ninh Hoa, we were cleaning out a CONEX container and found a Mimeograph machine.  It was cruddy with very hard dried ink.  A little acetone and some elbow grease cleaned it up and made it useful again.

We used it to print up some fakes orders for one of our better practical jokes but that is another story.  Our best use was to put out a newsletter for the 390th called the Red Ball Express. 

Recently a fellow 390th member, Jim McManus (Jan 67 to Jan 68), sent me copies of four editions that he had saved from his tour.  These major contributions to the literary world cannot go to waste.  The copies are very yellowed and we have scans of the originals to prove authenticity, but in the interest of readability, the original text has been republished for your reading pleasure.

Modern layout and spell checking was used but the content remained as it was.  The original Patch Logo had a crude UH-1D, which was the normal 390th patch.  Later editions had an AH-1G Cobra because the editor had a great desire to support and test fly a Cobra.  The recreated newsletters have the later Logo.

These use Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you need it go to a

Red Ball Express
Red Ball Express oriinal
Original 10/8/67
Red Ball Express
Red Ball Express original
Original 10/15/67
Red Ball Express
Red Ball Express original
Original 10/20/67
Red Ball Express
Red Ball Express original
Original 11/3/67