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[Pre‑Viet Nam]
[Kula Gulf - 65]
[Geiger - Phan Rang Nov65]
[Bob Hope ‑ Nha Trang Dec65]
[Phan Rang Dec65‑Jan66]
[Phan Rang ‑ Tents to Hoochs]
[Hooch Maids ‑ Trash Run]
[Phan Rang Jan66]
[Phan Rang Feb66]
[Phan Rang Mar66‑Apr66]
[Phan Rang Apr66‑May66]
[Puppies and Sunsets May66]
[Vung Tau Trip May66]
[The Turtle May66]
[Dak To May66]
[Dak To Jun66]
[Phan Rang Jun66]
[Kontum Jul66‑Aug66]
[Quin Nhon Aug66]
[Tuy Hoa Aug66]
[Tuy Hoa Sep66]
[Tuy Hoa Oct66]
[Tuy Hoa Nov66]
[Phan Rang Nov66‑Dec66]
[Phan Rang Jan67]
[Phan Rang Feb67]
[Phan Rang Mar67]
[Vung Tau Apr67]
[Ninh Hoa Apr67‑May67]
[Ninh Hoa Jun67]
[Tokyo Jun67]
[War at Home Jul67]
[Ninh Hoa Aug67]
[Ninh Hoa Sep67]
[Ninh Hoa Sep67 (2)]
[Hong Kong Oct67]
[Hong Kong Oct67 (2)]
[Typhoon Frieda Nov67]
[La Casa Rhodes]
[Ninh Hoa Dec67‑Mar68]
[Ninh Hoa Apr68‑Jun68]
[Ninh Hoa Jul68‑Sep68]

The photos are shown in chronological order rather than being grouped by subject.

All of the photos are thumbnails and double clicking on them will expand to full screen size.  Note - some of the thumbnails have a c next to them.  Clicking on these will give you an enlargement that is 2-4MB in size to get as much detail as possible.  I have found identifying people is easier in this mode.

If you want to download a picture, double click on the thumbnail, right click on the enlarged photo, and select "Save Target As."

If you recognize someone, please let me know at

The pictures are scratched and some suffer from the fading problem with Ektachrome film, but they should help with memories anyways.

I found help on fixing faded photos at this URL: