Kula Gulf 1965 Viet Nam Map
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For the 48th AHC to fly and the 390th to have something to work on, the unit's helicopters needed to get to Viet Nam.  Since the flying range of a Huey precluded ferrying them to Viet Nam, they were transported there by boat.  Dave Labruzzi has contributed these photos of the Escort (Jeep) Carrier Kula Gulf CVE-108 that transported the Blue Star aircraft to Viet Nam.
Labruzzi The WWII Escort Carrier Kula Gulf was taken out of mothballs for the purpose of carrying aircraft to Viet Nam.
Labruzzi Labruzzi Hueys wrapped in their transoceanic wrapping.
Labruzzi Labruzzi Dockside at Alameda California.
Labruzzi Labruzzi Our contributor, Dave Labruzzi.
Labruzzi Labruzzi Unknown in the left photo. In the right photo, Adrian Ashworth, Ernest Schuman, and Don Wallace(?).
Labruzzi Labruzzi Joe Pasaye and Joel Fisher in the left photo and Joel Fisher in the right.
Labruzzi Joel Fisher and others working on a helicopter in route.
Labruzzi A stop at Subic Bay in the Philippines.
Labruzzi A Huey is unwrapped and waiting to be delivered.
Labruzzi Cam Rahn Bay.
Labruzzi Must have been Cam Rahn Bay, it is too developed for Phan Rang.