Tuy Hoa Oct 66 Viet Nam Map
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Tuy Hoa Tuy Hoa Tuy Hoa Tuy Hoa
This is a classic story.  The report from the pilot as he returned to base was that he would like to land out on the beach area since his controls were a bit sluggish.

It turns out this ship had sustained hits by 57 rounds of ammo.  The damage included bullet holes in the windshields and all seven fuel tank cells.  The hydraulics were gone from broken lines.

The engine had taken a round into the fire chamber and N2 turbine and another round into the N1 compressor section.  Either round should have destroyed the engine.  That prompted Lycoming, the engine manufacturer to send reps out to see this miracle.

The bullet that when thru the port rear fuel tank passed within an inch of the crew chief.  The bullet thru the starboard rear fuel tank was lodged in the cabin bulkhead.  If it had traveled any further, it would have hit the door gunner.

Yes the controls were a bit sluggish and the phrase "Skill Not Luck" was put to the test and a pair of Blue Star pilots came through.