Phan Rang Mar 66-Apr 66 Viet Nam Map
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Phan Rang Phan Rang Phan Rang  
When things were slow we could go to the Phan Rang beach.  The houses in the rocks was a interesting view from the ground and the air.  LST's were making deliveries this day.

Kamman Helicopter The 48th flight line at Phan Rang and the Air Force Kamman Air Rescue helicopter.  The hole in the foreground is a future outdoor latrine.  We had to have someplace to put the beer cans.
Forstrom, Payne & Petrovich Photo
The dynamic Al Bruss maintenance team, John Forstrom, Payne, and John Petrovich.
Al Bruss Photo
If you remember the little incident where Major Drumman was stabbed at the forward area.  Shortly after that, the person in the helicopter behind me came to the unit.  He seemed older that the usual maintenance person and didn't seem all that skilled.  The assumption was that he was CID, meaning that he probably really was an officer.
Al Bruss Pale and skinny, Al Bruss.