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Before enlisting in the U.S. Army, the farthest I had travel from home in Milwaukee Wisconsin, was to South Bend Indiana.

Travel to Basic Training at Fort Leonard Woods Missouri was by train.  I was in Company E, 5th Battalion, 3d Training Regiment.  To get home from Fort Leonard Woods, a group of us from Milwaukee chipped in and chartered a bus.

I traveled to Fort Eustis Virginia (just north of Norfolk) by Greyhound Bus.  I was a novitiate in the world and that was an experience in itself.

I was in the 3d Student Enlisted Company at Fort Eustis from June 1964 to October 1964.

Upon graduating from helicopter maintenance school at Fort Eustis, I traveled by train in a sleeper car to Fort Dix New Jersey.  After a hellish few days in the overseas replacement station, we boarded buses and traveled to the Brooklyn Naval Yards where we boarded the USNS Upsur, a converted 200 passenger cruise ship.  They put 1200 of us on board.  Its turns out that the USNS Upsur is the sister ship to the USNS Geiger, the ship that took the 48th and 390th to Viet Nam.

Upon arrival in Bremerhaven Germany, we boarded a U.S. Troop Train and traveled to my departure stop in Mainz Germany.  From there I traveled to McCully Barracks in Wackernheim Germany./td>