Ninh Hoa Jul 68-Sep 68 Viet Nam Map
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Ninh Hoa c Sergeant Trillip (aka Creeping Moses) was a real interesting character.  His home base was Hawaii and he was a crop duster pilot.
Ninh Hoa Ninh Hoa
Al Bruss left and a tin bender (sheet metal man) right.  Some people have asked about the arm.  Well I was not drinking at the time.

Since there was  no light pollution in Viet Nam like in the US, it gets very dark at night especially since we covered all the hooch and club lighting to prevent the lights from acting as targets.  If there is no moonlight, you can see almost nothing at night.  One night, after finishing up late at the office, I started walking through the work area and tripped over an open crate.  The crate was large enough for me to fall into and I caught my hand on the far edge of the crate bending it backwards.  The medics could not figure out how I did not break it.  So for a couple of weeks, I endured the pain with an Ace bandage and a very large bottle of Darvon.

For those of you not familiar with Darvon, it was a pain drug that contained a variation of codeine and that made it a prescription drug. Used liberally, you can get on a real high.  I had to take myself off of Tech Inspector status as I was spaced-out.

Ninh Hoa Ninh Hoa A visiting LOH that the 48th used for a few days.
Ninh Hoa Ninh Hoa Ninh Hoa Ninh Hoa  
Ninh Hoa This Huey Cobra was in Nha Trang.  One of my hopes was to do a test flight in one.  I had a standing deal with the CO that I would extend for another 6 months if the 48th got a Cobra.  Unfortunately, the 48th did not get Cobras until after I finally went home
Ninh Hoa c
Al Bruss's office in La Casa Rhodes.  What more could you want?  A Sears and Roebuck typewriter, an Ampex tape recorder that ran around the clock in auto-play mode and the sign on the wall counting the days in Viet Nam, 1035,1036,1037,...
Ninh Hoa I did say the sunsets were great.