Phan Rang - Tents to Hoochs Viet Nam Map
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GP Tents GP Tents GP Tents GP Tents
GP Tents We started with GP tents.  We purchased the local cheap wood (mahogany!) and built frames under them turning the side flaps into extended roofs.  In the right photo, Capps is on the left with Jackson in the back behind Sgt Mechant.
Hooch Siding Hooch Siding The next phase was to add corrugated tin sides.  To seal the nails, we pounded the nails through the bottle caps from the San Miguel beer.  We had to drink a lot of beer to get enough bottle caps.  Second from right is Perez.
Tent Cieling Tent Cieling The next phase was to hang cargo parachutes as a ceiling.
Bunk Bunk Al Bruss  
The final touches, mosquito nets over the bunks and tables to hold your stuff.  You will note the tape recorder.  The only tape I had until March was a reel of Christmas music.  Just one of those things you dealt with. That is Al Bruss on the right with Joel Fisher in the background.
Ashworth Adrian Ashworth was my team leader when I arrived at the 390th.
Behind Ashworth is the only forklift on our side of the Phan Rang AFB.  Somebody with a forklift took a generator from the Air Force.  But it wasn't us...since the Air Police never found it.