Bob Hope - Nha Trang Dec 65 Viet Nam Map
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We all have seen Bob Hope entertain the troops in many a combat area.  In December 1965, while I was in Nha Trang waiting for the 390th to show up, I was privileged to see the Bob Hope show.
Bob Hope This is the Bob Hope USA Show troop arriving from An Khe.  We later learned that on the way into Nha Trang, the Chinook Helicopters took hostile fire.  That did not deter the troop.
Bob Hope There was almost 5,000 GIs at the show.  I was relatively close to the stage.  This is Jack Jones singing.
Bob Hope A key element of the Bob Hope USO Show is the girls and 1965 was not lacking.  From right to left; Joey Heatherton, Anita Bryant, Carol Baker, Kay Stevens, Miss America for 1966.
Small world, Bill Schmidt, one of the men in my first hooch at Phan Rang went to high school with Joey Heatherton.  He said she was a lot better looking on stage then she was in high school.